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We have  been selling thermoformed quality plastic parts
since 1988 !


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BRYAN MFG is primarily a sales group, selling custom thermoforming, with products that range from simple PVC  blisters for packaging, to specialty grades of  conductive  plastics for electrical component trays.
Our customers are located all over the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.


Tri-Folds, blisters, clamshells, disposable shipping trays, vacuum formed inserts , shipping and assembly trays, custom thermoforming, packaging materials, blister packaging, clamshell packagingOver the course of some 40+ years of selling thermoformed plastics, we have managed to build up a sizable inventory of tools that we are  able to offer for general use to any of our current or prospective customers.
We  find our supply of over 400 parts/handling & shipping trays far too extensive to list completely.



Our #1 specialty is TRAYS.

If you are interested in a "stock" tray  --  either to assist and organize the in-house assembly process, or to load with parts for bulk shipping  --   please contact us and ask for one of our sales engineers to discuss available tray configurations and designs.Thermoformed plastic shipping and packaging trays, blisters, clamshells, vacuum formed plastics, packaging materials and supplies

Our stock trays have basic cavity shapes, but the majority of the trays we manufacture

Custom thermoformed plastics, blisters, clamshells, tri-folds, shipping trays


have cavities that are custom designed to fit the shape of the part .  Many times these designs are intended to "match up" parts, or to separate  components of a unit for assembly  purposes.
Not all cavity shapes within the tray have to be the same.

Often a tray will also have a snap-on cover.  

Cavity depths can range from  .010" up to 3.00".

Trays can also have a number of design features, such as indentations on the sides/ends for easy removal from tight fitting shipping boxes,  "stacking  lugs "so parts will not be touched by the stacking of trays,  finger spaces  for removal of parts that "snap-in" to the cavity, and areas of the tray that can have identification words or codes/numbers embossed into them.

Our plastic types include basic  hi-impact & co-extruded polystyrene ,
a variety of flocked polystyrenes,  ABS,  PETG,  PVC, polypropylene, and some specialty medical and conductive substrates.

thermoformed  shipping and parts trays, flocked inserts, vacuum formed blisters, clamshells, packaging materials

Typical applications for a thermoformed tray include
sub-assembling, intra-department handling of sensitive parts, inter-facility transfers, stock inventorying,
bulk  shipping, and secondary  operation enclosures.

Another version of a tray is referred to as an INSERT. These are basically trays that may hold only one object, or arrange a multiple component item in an organized  arrangement for visual effect.
flocked and hi-gloss inserts, assembly and shipping trays, blisters, clamshells, custom thermoformed parts, clamshell packaging, blister packagingTypically, these trays are "inserted" into folding cartons or rigid presentation boxes.

The plastics selected for these applications are often used to enhance the appearance of the product being promoted. Popular substrates  are co-extruded polystyrene with a  clear crystal surface layer that produces a
"HIGH GLOSS" effect,  FLOCK COATED Medical packaging, electronic parts packaging,  clear packaging , visible packagingstyrene for a simulated velvet
appearance, or simply  have an
EMBOSSED surface.

Often the forming tool itself can be cut or machined to give a special effect to the  surface of the tray.

The most common users of these presentation trays are cosmetic, jewelry, and toy manufacturers.


Our "other" specialty area is
 for the retail market.

clamshells, blisters, clear plastic packaging, assembly and shipping trays, packaging materials, pvc custom thermoformed parts

Retail outlets, as well as quality conscious consumers, are requiring products be packaged in pilfer-proof, highly visible containers. We have been manufacturing clear PVC Clamshells, Tri-Folds and Blisters since they were first introduced many years ago. We have supplied some of the most recognizable names in retail marketing with high-quality clear packaging for more years than most other forming operations have been in business. It is the lessons learned from this experience that keep those customers coming back to us.

Do you really want to be the "test run" for someone
else's next attempt to see   "if this will work"   ?

Our technical knowledge of the various sealing methods used for this type of plastic packaging will help you choose the best -- and the most cost effective  -- method of presenting your product.

clamshells, blisters, trays and inserts, stock lists,custom vacuumformed plastics and parts

We will provide formed   samples   for testing and prototyping  according to your blueprints or sample parts
free of charge   with tooling orders.  This will allow  you to check the fit of your product, and make minor adjustments and changes, prior to production tooling.

Clamshell with foot

We have no quantity limits for our production orders
whether you are in need of only a few dozen pieces, or want
more than a million  over the course of a year !

NO ONE comes close to us for small quantity production order pricing !

Blister and clamshell  packaging materials, vacuumformed plastic trays and inserts

WE make the  TOOLS.

Our  modern in-house tooling facility,  with a full range of machining equipment,
 enables us to consider and  complement your designed  part  with secondary operations, including second level die-cutting and  trimming,  
labeling, and 2nd piece attachments.Image


Bryan Mfg. has developed a number of different option areas to keep the costs of tooling for your package under control.  We have stock frames, insert frames, multi-cavity   frames, second-part inserts, standard "locking buttons", and a long list of trick-techniques to assure a  clean looking clear package for any product.


Save   $$$$$$$$  on blister tooling costs !!!

While Tri-folds and Clamshells require  more elaborate tooling and frame structures, blisters and trays remain a relatively simple process.  We have used our extensive history and experience building molds and forming these items to develope a system of tooling and machine set-up procedures that give us some of the lowest tooling costs in the industry. This is important to you when you are considering the start-up costs for a new product line, or your production quantities are just in the initial stages of your product's launch.

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